The Matching Series


Matching Feathers


Their match will save their race. One shifter is determined to stop them.


Azure Tallon, a Wingai bird shifter, can play a human to perfection. However, when it comes to her own race, she is hopeless. While she knows that others like her exist, she’s never met them. Her mother kept her isolated and held all knowledge of their race a secret. When freedom arrives, Azure plans to seek them out. She’s not looking to forge connections but to discover what’s normal for Wingai.


Cerulean Hatch has spent his life preparing for his match and is ready to start a family to further the line of Leads. After months of searching, his wings lead him to Azure and his hope soars until reality hits—she’s never heard of matches and, worse, wants nothing to do with him.


When Azure is kidnapped by Wingai guards, she learns the coloring of her wings puts her in a place of importance. She is the Lead they’ve been desperate for—a position she doesn’t want. Meanwhile, if Cerulean cannot convince Azure to embrace him and continue the line of Leads, they doom all Wingai to extinction. As they form a tentative attachment, they face a new threat. Someone wants Azure dead, and they’re willing to stake every Wingai life on seeing it through.

Matching Feathers Reviews

Jeff V.


If you like Twilight, You will LOVE Matching Feathers

If you like the Twilight series you will LOVE Matching Feathers! I started reading at night and didn't get much sleep that night as I learned more and more about the Wingai and their incredible hidden society! I was frustrated when I had to go to work the next day and read every second I could get till I finished in 1 day! The world that Tara creates pulls you in and makes you think long after the book is over. Can't wait for a 2nd book! 5 stars!!

Amanda Martinez


I really enjoyed the characters and the story line.

Lynne Jarrell


I read Matching Feathers in a day and was never bored and that says a lot for me!

Josephina Miller


Couldn't put it down!

I started reading and couldn't put it down! It's soooo good! I gifted it to a few friends and we'll be having a "book club" discussion about it!

Chariti A. Smith


Real life character development, and a book she couldnt put down!

Noel my teenager read this book right after it came! She absolutely loved it. Infact, she only stopped to eat dinner. She looked up from reading and said this book is so good, when is Tara writing number 2? At the end of the book she ran downstairs and was giggling and said she loved the book. Noel is an avid reader and reads everything that she can get her hands on. However, she is very picky about what she likes. She said that the characters in this book are real, and make real life decisions that make sense for the characters. She liked that alot about this book, and cannot wait for book 2!
Thank you Tara for writing something that caught my teenagers attention and brought out a giggle and excitement! ❤❤❤❤



Captivating. My daughter couldn't put it down

Compelling story. My daughter read this book in about a week. She literally read it through. She loved every minute of it

Tyler C Goddard


So good I couldn't put it down!

This was such a great book. It grabs your attention and holds it clear to the end. I loved it so much I couldn't put it down. I read it in less than 24 hours.

R. L. Walker


Great story. I'm recommending it to my teenagers.

I loved that with all the intensity of the emotions in this story there wasn't anything that offended my old fashioned standards of chastity and fidelity. The story was easy to follow, ideal for youth fiction. Even though I solved the whodunit before it was revealed in the book, it was still a very enjoyable storyline, and the fantasy universe created was very believable, with enough explanation to make me believe such a society could actually live near McMinnville.

I highly recommend this book to others. Set aside a day to read it; you won't want to set it down. I hope there is a sequel.

Heather Cardwell


Fun and Enjoyable Read

I really enjoyed this book. It had an idea for characters that I had never read about before and it had a nice mix of real world and fantasy world. I stayed up all night until I was done reading. I am hoping she will continue this story through some of the other characters I would say it is a good read for late middle school/high school to adults.

Autumn Bonick



I'll admit it took me a second to get into this book. I'm not a huge fan of shifter novels. But once I did I couldn't put it down. I could easily imagine all the scenery, I felt myself drawn into the story deeper and deeper only to be sad when I realized I had finished the book. It's got me asking questions and curious about more in this world Tara has created. I sincerely hope there are sequels to come. I highly recommend reading this story. The way she writes about each character makes it seem as if you're almost in the story with them. Like you personally know them. It's emotional, exciting, romantic and very tasteful. I'll be passing it along for my girls to read, so they too can escape into this story as deeply as I did.


Wanted More

It had the ability to be a good storyline but fell flat. It was too predictable and bland. I did read it all the way through but about a quarter of the way through I grew bored. Maybe this was a first book. Regardless the character development lacked and I never really felt a connection between the MC leads.



Great, fast read that is hard to put down.

This book is a great, fast read that is hard to put down. It has a great storyline with amazing characters. It has its own twists on mythical characters in a modern day world. I absolutely loved the book and would have loved if it were even longer. Great book for anyone to read.

Carolyn L.


Matching Feathers is a captivating read. I am not one to sit and read a book through, I have things I need to do during the day. Once I started reading I was intrigued and wanted to find out what happened next. I took my day off daily duties and read through the entire book. Fascinated with each character and high descriptions allows one to paint a visual picture in their mind of what everything looks like. Can’t wait to read another book, this would make a great series. Would love to see it in movie form as well. I highly recommend reading this book for enjoyment.

D. Shelburne


Tara Lytle knows how to stir up your emotions while reading her books. She will have you rooting for Azure and her head strong ways but wondering why she is so against Ceril and his Wingai ways. Everybody seems to want what is best for her except the one who wants to get rid of her by any means possible including taking her life so she can have Ceril all to her self. Even if it jeopardizes the whole Wingai people. Great read if you into a new & exciting story from a great author.