Matching Foxes


Their match will save their race. One shifter is determined to stop them.


Azure Tallon, a Wingai bird shifter, can play a human to perfection. However, when it comes to her own race, she is hopeless. While she knows that others like her exist, she’s never met them. Her mother kept her isolated and held all knowledge of their race a secret. When freedom arrives, Azure plans to seek them out. She’s not looking to forge connections but to discover what’s normal for Wingai.


Cerulean Hatch has spent his life preparing for his match and is ready to start a family to further the line of Leads. After months of searching, his wings lead him to Azure and his hope soars until reality hits—she’s never heard of matches and, worse, wants nothing to do with him.


When Azure is kidnapped by Wingai guards, she learns the coloring of her wings puts her in a place of importance. She is the Lead they’ve been desperate for—a position she doesn’t want. Meanwhile, if Cerulean cannot convince Azure to embrace him and continue the line of Leads, they doom all Wingai to extinction. As they form a tentative attachment, they face a new threat. Someone wants Azure dead, and they’re willing to stake every Wingai life on seeing it through.

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