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The Matching Series

Matching Feathers

Their match will save their race. One shifter is determined to stop them.

Azure Tallon, a Wingai bird shifter, can play a human to perfection. However, when it comes to her own race, she is hopeless...

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Matching Foxes

Jack is a soul mender, one shifter wants to keep them broken.


Jack Tager had his life all planned out to be a major league baseball player until he met Tinsley Dawns at a Shifter Summit and she turned him into a fox shifter. Now he thinks his dreams are lost, unless he can make a new one involving her. 


Artwork Pending

Matching Talons

Their match was unexpected....

All you want to know about Coal, and Ember will soon be revealed! 



Fate Not Chosen

Twelve years after she watched the murder of her parents, Isabelle Mirran believes she’ll be stuck in a small farming community in Aberron forever. Until she receives a letter from her long absent brother warning her of pending danger against her life. Now she wonders if the Mark of the Gods on the back of her hand is more than just a birthmark. 

Isabelle goes on a journey of fate, discovering magical abilities, thwarting new enemies at every turn and learning to accept that help is not defeat, especially if it comes in the form of handsome Prince Andrew. Running to escape the danger her brother warned of she unwittingly falls into a fight for survival, catching the attention of the banished Prince Braidus. But how many times can she fight for her life and win?


Artwork Pending

Fate Conquered


The story continues! Soon to be revealed upon completion of editing


The Aberron Series


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